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What is Proactive Business Development?

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The BLBD approach to business development is simple. We ONLY work with businesspeople with law degress, not lawyers.

Who understand outsourcing business development to professionals with decades of real world revenue generation experience.

Who understand  being outnumbered at a BLBD event by decision makers is better than hanging out with 400 of your closest competitors hoping in-house counsel will remember to send you work, maybe.

Who understand  generic talkng heads videos about their practice areas (because only their law firm has employent, M&A, and commerical litigation); bios that were written by Tolstoy and Mitchner (but much longer and just as dull); and "relationships" are not enough to move the revenue needle in the right direction.

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How Do We Do It

We create exclusive events with the individuals who make decisions in days not decades, and who hire General Counsel.

You and your lawyers attend events ONLY for your law firm with the people who say yes and sign retainer checks (okay no one really signs checks anymore but you get the  concept), and who have business cards.

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           Videos Done Right

BLBD creates  CEOs/Board Chairs-centric videos that resonate with Ultimate Decision Makers (UDMS). The " Big Law Business Report"  and "C-Suite Influencers"  (

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Ever wonder why generic  videos with managing partners talking about "the differnce in our firm is their people" does not get CEOs/Board Chairs calling them? I guess  the other firms have giraffes  doing Fortune 500 companies' "Bet the Company" litigation and they have cornered the market on the best lawyers at their firms.

Search and Rescue

Most law firms' videos become search and rescue missions (spoiler alert CEOs/Board Chairs are not searching for law firm videos). They bury the videos on their websites or on YouTube (to die a slow death). Six views in 16 years is not a very good ROI.

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BLBD proactively gets the video we have created for your law firm to the CEOs/Board Chairs. Like a fast food restaurant drive-thru, BLBD makes it easier for UDMs to do business with you.

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ROI for D&I

D&I BLBD style is Dollars & Income. Diverse lawyers with seven and eight digit books rarely get let go from their firms. And majority lawyers are much more likely to support D&I programs that actually have a ROI.

Pledges, conferences, white papers, summits, webinars, all delivering the same message does not pay the bills. Your firm is a for-profit entity. D&I needs to have a measureable ROI that equates to Dollars & Income.

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There are over 1 million attorneys in the US. We do not want or need them all. Our clients are the super elites, primarily majority lawyers at marjority law firms (just keeping it real) who know their marketing department's number one job to keep their jobs not help them uncover new business (that seems strange to BLBD)

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Committment to Talking About  Diversity

As a 100% diverse owned business BLBD is committed to talkng about D&I. We understand amplifying the D&I message is important. BLBD is dedicated to promoting on-going conversations about D&I.

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About Us is More About Your Law Firm

Big Law Business Development (BLBD) started in 2008 as RG-CG (Revenue Generation Consulting Group) to help diverse lawyers "build profitable relationships". We gave that up for Lent after two years.  

RG-CG became BLBD because CEOs/Board Chairs believe that all lawyers learned the same thing in law school, took the same standardized state certification test and all provide the same service. That is why Ms. Jenkins, the procurement manager has as much power as the GC (she sends out the RFPs), and why law firms get "Dear Vendor Letters".

BLBD is the "x" (not twitter) factor. We get you in the room with CEOs/Board Chairs.  We do the day-to-day business development that your CMO does not have the time or expertise to do. We use video that speaks to the needs of UDMs; expands your brand as the "go to law firm with the CEO-centric lawyers"; and unique events where you and your lawyers are outnumbered (in a great way) by the people who hire GCs. CEOs/Board Chairs retain BLBD lawyers because they know BLBD's clients are business people with law degrees. And that is what they WANT! 

 Our motto says it all, "Proactive Business Development"

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