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What is Proactive Business Development?

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Proactive business development is retaining Big Law Business Development (BLBD) to work with your business minded equity partners who want to grow their respective books of business, faster.


Proactive business development is retaining Big Law Business Development (BLBD) to drive additional revenue for your lawyers with measurable ROI.

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Proactive business development is retaining BLBD to do the time consuming, day-to-day, non-billabe hour relationship building with Board Chairs and CEOs, heads of state, business association executive directors, and industry thought


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Big Law Business Development is your adjunct business development team.

We are singularly focused on working with AM Law and NLJ elite law firms.

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Our Approach

Is Board Chairs and CEOs-centric focused. We utitlizing three interconnected steps predicated around the concept of "Beyond the Boardroom" to create

additional opportunities for your lawyers to win more subtantive legal work.

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Step 1. Beyond the Boardroom
Lawyer Bios

Board Chairs and CEOs do not have 

the time or interest to read lawyers' bios. For them, if you read one lawyers' bios 

you have read them all (this does not reflect the opinion of BLBD its employees and management.)

BLBD leverages our Board Chairs and CEOs relationships to produce lawyers' bios that speaks to their buiness and legal needs and the business and legal needs of their contemporaries.

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Step 2. Beyond the Boardroom
Viral Digital Marketing Vide0

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Your lawyers film segments of the "C-Suite Influencers"  with conflict free

potential clients (click on the play icon below). Your teammates sit next to Board Chairs, CEOs, heads of state, industry association executives, and thought leaders, in the studio who can retain and recommend your lawyers to their colleagues.

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"Beyond the Boardroom" 

is getting your lawyers's  videos 

posted across multiple social media platforms. It is delivering

your law firm's unique value in a

manner that separates your firm

from the competition.

The videos created for your lawyers and your

law firm are targeted. Instead of guessing

what is important to corporations heads we

survey what is vital to them when hiring your

law firm and delivering your message to them

in a laser-like, focused manner where they go

to find information. No searching the web, we

deliver your digital message to them.

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Step 3. Beyond the Boardroom 
Board Chairs and CEOs-centric Events

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Board Chairs and CEOs-centric lawyers' bios, viral digital marketing and

the "CEOs @ the Embassys Series" [sic] and Women in Diplomacy (WiDBS)

is the final component of BLBD's proactive busines development for law firms.

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 Commitment to Talking About  Diversity

BLBD is 100% committed to talking

about the importance of keeping the lines of communication open, and protecting our legacy of driving

the D&I message forward.

BLBD knows the best way to keep

the D&I dialog on-going is to engage

others in the D&I narrative.

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About Us

Big Law Business Development (BLBD) started in 2008 as RG-CG (Revenue Generation Consulting Group) to help diverse lawyers "build profitable relationships".  Rapid growth lead to the formation of BLBD in 2009.  

You know you and your lawyers need to bring more business in the door, and sometimes
relationships are not enough and doing what everyone else is doing may not be enough.

BLBD is your proactive adjunct business development team. We supplement your lawfirm's marketing department efforts to get your lawyers winning more work. In  today's uber competitive legal environment BLBD is your strategic partner working with
you and your lawyers to get results.

 Our motto says it all, "Proactive Business Development"

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About Us
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