The Real D&I 

(Dollars & Income)

Proactive Business Development is taking D&I to the next level. It is CEO and board-centric business development and training tools for your  diverse lawyers. It is hands-on workshops done by decision makers and influencers working with  your diverse lawyers to hone their business development and relationship building skills to generate more revenue for your law firm.

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Next Evolution

Diverse lawyers need to pay for themselves. All the lawyers at your law firm need to pay for themselves. Wanting to monetize your law firm's D&I spend does not mean you are not serious about D&I. Your firm cannot have a D&I program if there are no dollars and income to pay for the workshops and consultants.

Your Entire Team

Understands the importance of D&I.  You and your lawyers are committed to making your law firm an inclusive place to be, where everyone's opinions and perspectives are valued. From the original “Call to Action” published in 1999, to the “Mansfield Rule” of today everyone is on-board, 100%, fired up and ready to go!

D&I is important to In-house counsel as well. Law firms that do not meet the diversity metrics established by corporations are losing work or taking a substantial hit on rates.

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But the Reality 

 Your law firm is a business, and revenue drives your law firm's growth, and when  companies are cutting their outside counsel legal spend, the lawyers without their own books of business (both majority and diverse) are the first to go.

 Pledges, conferences and gala sponsorships are great. How does your law firm's logo on a placard, conference program book or website move the revenue needle for your diverse lawyers and your law firm?

The ROI of D&I

 Diversity is very important to in-house counsel. Firm's that are not meeting the D&I metrics established by corporate legal departments are getting fired or heavily discounting rates to keep existing business.

 Proactive Business Development is creating a Return on Investment (ROI) for D&I. It is using D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) dollars to generate additional Dollars & Income that helps keep diverse lawyers at your firm, and more revenue for your firm.