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Branded Apps

Your clients are using branded apps to gain a competitive advantage to expand their brand and obtain and retain more clients. Your law firm can leverage the same technology.

Image by The Climate Reality Project
Image by The Climate Reality Project

Your Lawyers 

Are "THE" sought after speakers. In-house counsel are constantly calling bar association leadership to be on panels with your lawyers. As usual the hotel had to get a larger room for your lawyers' CLEs because your competitors want to learn from the best.


Everyone stood in line waiting to get your lawyers' business cards and contact information after the panel. The EAs at your firm are used to this happening and place orders with local print shops, in advance, so your teammates get through the rest of the conference with enough cards.

Senior Businessman

Now What?

The conference is over.  A week's worth of work is waiting for your lawyers, and who has the time to follow-up with the in-house counsel your teammates met? Your marketing department and business development team is already burning both ends of the candle with the midnight oil. answering RFPs and putting together pitch packages. Your firm spent real and soft dollars attending bar association conferences. Shouldn't you get an ROI for all the energy, effort, and expense?

Proactive Business Development

Is leveraging technology like QR codes. It is making it easier for your lawyers at the conference to capture the contact information from in-house counsel. It is getting that information into your law firm's CRM an instant, and it is delivering a message to corporate lawyers that you are cutting edge and forward thinkers.

4 June 2022 BLBD QR-Code.png
Image by Alexander Shatov

Proactive Business Development

Is a Linked-In like offering. that centralizes all  your lawyers' information. It is  making it easier for decision makers to see customized video of your lawyers delivering a message that speaks directly to their business needs. It is your lawyers bios and business successes (while maintaining client confidentiality) in one convenient  place for decision makers to access. It is a shareable link that makes it easier for decision makers to contact your lawyers to hire them.


Proactive Business Development

Is launching your law firm's branded app on Google and Apple App stores. It is making the app accessible to potential clients on-line and via social media platforms. And, it is giving your lawyers and your law firm a competitive advantage, driving more business, winning more work, and clearly demonstrating to potential clients that your law firm is cutting edge.


To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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