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CEOs/Board Chairs Series 

(Workshop and Pitch Session Training)

Proactive Business Development is the CEOs/Board Chairs series. An one of a kind unique offering from BLBD. The CEOs/Board Chair Series is for upper echelon attorneys (like you and your colleagues) who want to enhance their brand as the "Go to Lawyers" for CEOs/ Board Chairs.

Lawyer in Lobby

More than a Panel

The  CEOs/Board Chairs Series  is more than just a panel discussion on the

importance of "relationships" from in-house counsel at a bar association conference or law firm retreat. 

It is learning, in a collegial environment, how the ultimate corporate decision makers look to hire or recommend outside counsel to their contemporaries at other companies or for paid board positions.

The Best Way

to understand how to pitch  CEOs/Board Chairs effectively, is to learn from CEOs/Board Chairs. Although they may not make the day-to-day outside counsel hiring decision, when it comes to the multimillion and billion dollar decisions that impact their companies' bottom lines they are intimately involved.  

And that is why the  CEOs/Board Chairs Series  is so important for you and your lawyers. You get the unique opportunity to be in the room, learning firsthand how these business titans think, what is important to them and how to be included in their elite inner circles.

Young Lawyer
Man in Office

Pathway to Paid Boards

working with your lawyers, CEOs/ Board Chairs are much more likely to recommend your lawyers  for paid board positions because they now have the firsthand knowledge of your lawyers and your law firm.

The workshops, also help groom your lawyers for paid boards positions and helps build the CEOs/ Board Chairs' brands as a reliable source of sage legal counsel and pipeline to paid boards.


And While You

and your lawyers are learning how to enhance your business development and relationship building skills, the CEOs/Board Chairs are learning about your lawyers and your law firms and how to work together.

The reality is, they are teaching your team

mates how to get hired by them, what is important to them, without causing any internal  issues or problems with their in-house counsel.


The Time is Now

the CEOs/Board Chairs have tasked BLBD to identify lawyers who understand business and law firms that are business minded and focused.

The CEOs/Board Chairs only want to work with the best of the best of the elite and have a strict criteria for workshop attendees.

The CEOs/Board Chairs Series is not

for everyone and the selection process is very stringent, but if you think your law firm and

lawyers are up to the task...

To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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