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The BLBD Global Index 100 (GBI-100) is the brainchild of CEOs/Board Chairs who are looking to leverage AI to identify the right lawyers and law firms to retain across a wide array of key business metrics.

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BLBD surveyed CEOs/Board Chairs of privately and public held companies, scrubbed data bases and engage top tier thought leaders and stake holder to develop the criteria needed for consideration to the GBI-100.

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Cutting Edge AI

Leveraging proprietary cutting edge industry leading AI and customized ARIA (Attorney Ranking Index Algorithms) the BLBD Global Index 100 was created to meet the needs of CEOs/Board Chairs who want an unbiased, unfiltered, in-house counsel who hire  “my buddy from law school”.

The GBI-100 is revenue and analytics based not "relationships" based. Executive leaders

are measured on growth, profits. Nothing else.

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Taking the human element out of the decison process is what makes the GBI-100 selection process unique. Determining which law firms and which lawyer make the list is not based on

who recommended another lawyer or how much was spent on an "ad" or "sponsorship".


The GBI-100 is by the numbers, based on data from resources around the world. Relationships are great

for other rankings. The GBI-100 only uses raw data from the source. No filters, no bias, no"golf buddies ".

CEO/Board Chair

The GBI-100

  • Legal Expertise: The depth and breadth of an attorney's knowledge in their practice areas.

  • Experience: The number of years an attorney has practiced law and their involvement in various cases.

  • Client Reviews: Feedback from clients regarding communication, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction.

  • Peer Evaluations: Assessments from fellow attorneys, reflecting professional reputation and ethical standards.

Does the number crunching,  in-depth research

across a wide array of search criteria suchas:

From CEOs and
Board Room Perspectives

GBI-100 lawyers and law firms are selected based on the very exacting requirements of

CEOs/Board Chairs from around the world.

They want and need business professional with law degrees who understand telling

them "No" or "It depends" does not help

them beat the analysts projections for this quater's earnings report. GBI-100 lawyers and law firms are the first call from the CEOs/Chairs who are making multimillion dollar decisions in minutes not millennia.

Board Chairs
Business Journals
  • ​​Case Outcomes: The attorney's track record in achieving favorable results for clients.

  • Professional Achievements: Recognition, awards, publications, and leadership roles in legal associations.

  • Business Journal Publications: Business-centric articles in trusted journals

  • Online: Ranking across various industry specific trade and business associations

  • Digital Content: Beyond generic messaging of "How much the law firms care" about their clients

  • Income Innovation: That makes a net positive impact on their companies' bottom lines.

The GBI-100

Is the CEOs/Board Chairs leading edge selection tool for CEOs/Board Chairs, created for CEOs/Board Chairs and

for business first lawyers who wanted to be hired based

on their understanding of how CEOs/Baord Chairs think and how they hire outside counsel.

The marketplace for legal services drive  the GB1-100.  ARIA's leading edge technology makes the decisions,

the CEOs/Board Chairs uses the data to hire GB1-100 law firms and lawyers.

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To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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