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Overseas companies looking to set up their businesses in the US or expand their footprint in the states need  the sage legal advice of your lawyers and your law firm.

Image by Jue Huang

Proactive Business Development

Is your law firm doing the vital in-bound legal work that is imperative for international companies .

It is understanding and anticipating their needs.

It is advising potential international clients how to avoid business and legal problems and it is sharing with them your law firm's extensive knowledge representing companies, like theirs, in the US.

Proactive Business Development

Is understanding the business and cultural mores of decision makers who are in need of the top tier legal representation that your law firm is known for by your peers, and the competition.  It is your lawyers being known, worldwide as the "LAW FIRM"  by international government officials and their citizens back home and in the US.

Image by Justin Lim

Proactive Business Development

Is your lawyers developing relationships with heads of state, their finance ministers, and economic development representatives. It is you and your teammates  educating the decision makers/influencers on why your firm and your lawyers are who they need to get things done in the states.

The right way, the first time, every time.

Proactive Business Development

Is working with your BLBD team to uncover hidden gems of new in-bound international work. It is BLBD leveraging strategic relationships with international business leaders and it is your lawyers creating video (DM2.0) appearing on camera ("C-Suite Influencers" ) with heads of state, finance ministers, and trade representatives looking to know you and your firm.

CSuite Influencers1.png

And it is your BLBD team pointing the videos from the show to the decision makers/influencers overseas who can hire you. Your law firm's brand is already known in the most elite business circles overseas. Your lawyers' video is working overseas, across multiple time zones, reinforcing your brand and your law firm's message, 

24/7 - 365.


To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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