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Leveling the Playing Field

Your law firm is "THE FIRM" for the all of the Fortune 500, S&P, NASDAQ, and Russell "Bet the Company" Litigation.

Image by Jonathan Francisca

Your Top Producers

Control more than 70% of the firm's revenue. You get "by-the-way" text messages from your big rainmakers (maybe) and what they are doing (sometimes). Any new potential client is theirs even though they pitched the company 25 years ago or met a GC on an elevator at a conference in the mid-1980's.  They get what they want,  when they want it and, you have no choice but to give it to them.

Because You Know

There is an executive recruiter who is dialing for dollars, aggressively going after your rainmakers and their seven and eight digit books of business.  Your competitors want your lawyers' revenue positively impacting their income statements and balance sheets and not yours.

Image by Devin Pickell
Image by David Guenther

Proactive Business Development

Levels the playing field for your lawyers who do great work and bring clients in but are not top producers. It is working with Underserved Recession Proof Industry (URPI) companies. Those entities that quietly make billions of dollars per year, regardless of the economy, and who can afford your law firm's rates.

And it is Your BLBD Team

Uncovering opportunities with URPI companies that your competitors are ignoring because these unknown companies don't look good on a PowerPoint presentation when they are pitching new work.  Your firm can very quickly (with BLBD's help)  dominate URPI industry sectors,  so the next time a headhunter calls.  And your top producers  demand more of EVERYTHING or they are going to walk. Let them know Proactive Business Development has allowed them the unique opportunity to go elsewhere to continue their careers.


To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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