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The Great Associate Migration

Is impacting how top tier law firms, like yours, hire and retention associate talent.

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Young Associates

The super elite graduating from the premiere law schools want to work at your firm. The best of the best, wait hours for a chance to get put on the waiting list for an on campus interview with your firm. And even though the recent graduates want to work for your law firm, it appears they do not necessarily want to stay.  There is a bidding war for top legal talent and your competitors are handing out signing bonuses, and salaries for associates with months of experience that makes  everyone forget the layoffs in the legal industry of 2008.

Working Around the Clock

Like you did when you started your law career does not appear to be the path this newly minted crop of young attorneys are interested in pursuing. Young associates are looking for commitments on Work-Life balance as well as an comprehensive understanding of what your firm is going to do to create a career path for them, otherwise they are out the door to the next firm promising them the world.

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Proactive Business Development

Is ideal for your law firm looking to keep young associates. You know two or three associates leaving in less than a year can cost your firm millions of dollars in salary and overhead, as well as the soft dollar cost of training and support. BLBD has created relationship building workshops and mentoring programs. We bring in  business professionals across multiple industries to train and coach your young associates on the non-legal, soft skills they need to be successful as well as the attorneys you see as potential equity partners. This commitment from your firm to young associates is investment in their future and can have a positive impact on your law firm's bottom line.


To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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