As a top tier law firm you know that video drives business, and you know that Ultimate Decision Makers (UDM) do not always have the time to read bar journals, blogs, or attend conferences where your teammates are speaking. And even if they able to hear your lawyers speak do they recall what they said? Or how do they share the insight your teammates shared with them with their contemporaries?

Proactive Approach

The video created for you and your lawyers is UDM-centric.  Prior to joining us in the studio we do comprehensive research with UDM to gain invaluable insight  about what is important to them when hiring outside counsel. 

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Delivering Your  Message

UDM-centric videos, proactively sent across multiple social media and digital platforms (click here to learn more about Digital Marketing 2.0 ). UDM cannot hire you or refer you. if they do not know you, your law firm, or teammates.  Our proactive approach to business development helps get your lawyers and your law firm's message to a wider audience of UDM.

Proactive Business Development is UDM-centric videos deliver your unique value proposition 24/7, 365.


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