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As a top tier law firm you know that video drives business. The other firms have videos on their websites also, and your marketing department does a great job of bringing in the best-of-the-best video companies to create videos that are on your law firm's website. 

That is great but how are  Ultimate Decision Makers (UDM) who may not have the extra time, do not always have the time to search your law firm's website find the videos? And are your teammates delivering the UDM-centric messaging that drives them to want to hire you?

Proactive Approach

BLBD proactive approach is creating the same high quality video that is on your law firm website but target it to the UDM audience. We talk to and work with UDM in the practice areas that your teammates are focused. Armed with that information we help your lawyers create video that resonates with UDM.

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Delivering Your  Message

We deliver your lawyers UDM-centric videos, proactively,  across multiple social media and digital platforms (click here to learn more about Digital Marketing 2.0 ). Simply put UDM cannot hire you or refer you if they do not know you, your law firm, or teammates.  Leveraging UDM-centric videos are the ultimate 24/7, 365 proactive approach to business development.

Your BLBD team gets your lawyers and your law firm's message to a wider audience of UDM as a supplement to the videos on your law firm's website.


To learn more about the Big Law Business Development difference and if proactive business development is right for your lawyers and your law firm, click on the email and smartphone icons below to get started.

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